construction law

Salim Rutherford Lawyers are a boutique law firm specialising in construction and property law.
We expertly deal with all legal matters in construction projects from the contract and development stage through to completion and maintenance.  

With over 15 years experience in construction law, our team of specialist lawyers provide high quality legal advice and representation to our clients. As a boutique legal firm we have the resources to offer a more efficient and personalised service than the larger firms can. Our Sydney CBD based team of construction and property lawyers provide owners, developers, builders, principals, contractors and consultants with expert legal advice focused on practical, cost-effective and viable solutions.

Contract Development & Documentation

We are experienced in drafting, designing and amending construction contracts to minimise risks at any stage of a project. Our construction lawyers ensure specialist advice in:

  • contract risk assessment
  • preparation and administration of contracts
  • modification and advice of all construction documentation
  • contract interpretation and contractual non-performance
  • project administration and regulatory advice

Development Approval

We have in-depth experience in all areas of development planning and approval including residential, commercial and industrial construction. From planning through to final delivery, our team of construction lawyers can assist with:

  • acquisition of development properties and land
  • tender preparation and advice
  • securing development approvals
  • negotiation with councils and regulatory authorities
  • representation at planning appeals
  • up-to-date advice on planning and environmental compliance

Construction Legal Advice

Our specialist team of construction lawyers provide the latest industry specific legal advice across residential and commercial sectors including:

  • preparation of claims and responses
  • claims detection and resolution
  • assessment and prevention
  • claims negotiation and strategy
  • trade practices
  • industrial relation and industrial property rights
  • building disputes

Dispute Resolution

Our team of construction lawyers develop appropriate dispute resolution plans with a focus on viable mediation solutions. With years of commercial negotiation and mediation experience, we achieve successful and prompt results as an alternative to formal litigation processes. We expertly assist and advise in the following areas of dispute resolution:

  • arbitration and mediation
  • adjudications under the security of payment legislation
  • litigation
  • tribunal and court attendances
  • debt recovery
  • professional indemnity
  • home owner warranty insurance claims
  • insolvency and bankruptcy
  • advice on building management and rectification solutions
  • construction claim management including all forms of dispute resolution within NSW Fair Trading, NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal, NSW Local, District and Supreme Courts